we invest and build organically and through acqusitions.

berggruen holdings invests across a wide range of industries, continents and asset classes, including direct private equity, real estate, alternative energy, financial instruments and basic industry startups.
Berggruen Holdings takes a long-term, value-oriented, often contrarian view. We prefer to build organically and through acquisitions, partnering with management, as opposed to quick, opportunistic exits. Depending on the opportunity and asset class, Berggruen Holdings is prepared to invest up to 200 million dollars in any one transaction.

Private Investments

Berggruen Holdings’ private equity activity is based on a strategy that emphasizes creativity and speed in evaluating and acting upon potential investments. The company is open to exploring unconventional opportunities and financial structures, and is known for working collegially with motivated and capable management teams.

Real Estate

Berggruen Holdings has a significant presence in the global real estate market. The firm is currently involved in a number of commercial and residential real state projects including a large revitalization project in Newark, New Jersey; over 3 million square feet in the Pacific Northwest, hotel and mixed-use development ventures in India, Turkey, Japan, Singapore and a growing residential and commercial real estate portfolio in Berlin, Germany and on the West Coast of the United States. Further projects are located in Israel and Australia.

Renewable Energy

The Company owns three HEPP projects with a capacity of 20MWs and a projected capacity of 60 GWH upon completion, which are in the licencing phase.

Berggruen Holdings has developments in progress for 18 wind energy projects with a total projected capacity of 800MW and continues to seek new as well as complimentary investment opportunities in the Turkish energy sector.

Our Recent Investments.


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Elit Plaza – Şişli, İstanbul

Bodrum Houses

Astrum Towers – Haramidere, İstanbul

Berggruen Farming

Berggruen Hotels

Berggruen Car Rentals

NBP Capital

SoMa Downtown Newark Development


Global Supply Chain Finance

Platform Specialty Corporation