UEI Global was founded in 2007 and offers short and long term courses in Business Management and Hotel Management with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree and Certification Programs in India.

The Education sector in India is currently estimated to be US$ 50.1 billion opportunity; with higher education accounting for US$ 40 billion and vocational education pegged at 10.1 billion expected to grow at 15% CAGR. UEI is focused on tapping into the professional college and services training segments. The Company currently runs 9 academies across India and is led by an experienced management team, which has extensive experience in the education space.

UEI offers courses that can be split into Traditional Higher Education (1 to 3 year programs) and Vocational Training (4 to 6 month programs). The high quality course content has been developed in a modular fashion; further it is structured in a manner which maximizes delivery consistency and reduces the human “variable factor.”

The curriculum of the programs is crafted to bridge the ever growing demand-supply gap in the service industry, there is a unique blend of vocational skills training along with formal education. UEI has academic alliances with 7 Indian and 4 International Universities. Its placement division places students directly into Companies by capitalizing its corporate relationships.

A pioneer in its unique direct marketing approach, UEI has devised a very strong lead generation and student acquisition model which ensures a very strong pipeline as a very low cost. The Company is currently opening up new channels of growth; beyond its physical locations, including rural and online-learning initiatives.