In June 2017, Berggruen Holdings founded Berggruen France Properties, or BFP. Managed by Rodolphe Zellitch, BFP owns and manages a long-term diversified real estate portfolio in France.

Around 220 million euros have been invested in the acquisition and renovation of four properties with a total of around 20,000 square meters of building space in Paris. With properties located primarily in Paris’s Central Business District, BFP attracts tenants seeking a strategic location and superior amenities. The portfolio mainly comprises fully modernised residential, office and premium retail units in prime locations.

BFP seeks to meet the ambitious goal of serving the very exacting prime rental market by offering the best buildings in Paris. This requires specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market, its products, its customers and their business requirements. Reinvented and beautified, each building becomes a matchless ecosystem of residential and offices that are outstanding both in the quality of their amenities on offer and in their ability to accommodate the latest trends in living and the workplace.

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