Nicolas Berggruen

Chairman of Berggruen Holdings Mr. Berggruen has been the Chairman of Berggruen Holdings for the last 20 years. He is also the Founder and President of the Berggruen Institute.

Koonal Gandhi

Chief Investment Officer Mr. Gandhi joined Berggruen Holdings in 2018 as its Chief Investment Officer. He is responsible for the management and oversight of over 50 direct investments in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Koonal plays a key role in Berggruen’s buyout activities, investment sourcing, portfolio oversight and firm administration. He was previously the

Justin Topilow

Chief Financial Officer Mr. Topilow joined Berggruen Holdings in 2016 as Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for oversight of the accounting and tax functions as well as portfolio operations. He also assists in the implementation of company strategies. Justin has an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business and a BA from Yale University.

Mehmet Kosematoglu

Managing Director Mr. Kosematoglu joined the team in 2006 as a founding partner of our Operation in Turkey. He is responsible for investing in several asset classes, from real estate to start-ups. Previously, he was CEO of AIG Blue Voyage

Kabir Kewalramani

Managing Director

Kabir Kewalramani is the Managing Director of Berggruen Holdings India (Berggruen). Kabir serves as a member of the board of Keys Hotels, Accentia Technologies, Car Club, GEAR, United Education Institutes (UEI) and Berggruen Properties.

Koonal Gandhi

Samuel Czarny

Managing Director

Mr. Czarny joined Berggruen Holdings in October 2005 to create a long-term diversified real estate portfolio in Germany and other European countries. Prior to joining Berggruen, Mr. Czarny spent two years as the head of acquisitions for Apellas Property Management GmbH, the German platform of George Soros Real Estate Investors.

Rodolphe Zellitch

Managing Director Mr. Zellitch joined Berggruen Holdings in 2017 to create a long-term diversified real estate portfolio in France. Prior to Berggruen, Mr. Zellitch was Managing Director at Bank Rothschild within the M&A department for 14 years, specializing in structured acquisitions, equity investments and take-over bids.