Nicolas Berggruen

Chairman of Berggruen Holdings

Nicolas Berggruen is the Chairman of Berggruen Holdings, a private company, which is the direct investment vehicle of the Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Trust. Berggruen Holdings has operations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, as well as real estate and financial investments globally. The firm and related entities have made well over 100 direct investments during the last 20 years by committing entirely its own capital across diverse industries, both public and private and focusing on building long-term value. Investments are often socially and culturally driven. The Berggruen Group has offices in New York, Berlin, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Mumbai.

Justin Topilow

Chief Financial Officer

Justin Topilow's responsibilities include oversight for the accounting and tax functions as well as assistance in the implementation of strategies for portfolio companies. Justin received his MBA in Accounting and Finance from the NYU Stern School of Business, and BA from Yale.

Mehmet Kosematoglu

Managing Director

Mehmet Kosematoglu joined Berggruen Holdings in 2006 as a founding partner of the firm in Turkey responsible for investing in all asset classes, from real estate to start-ups and going concerns. Previously, he was CEO of AIG Blue Voyage Advisors of Istanbul, Turkey from 1999-2006 where he arranged Turkey’s first venture capital fund.

Ton Trentelman

Managing Director

Mr. Trentelman joined Berggruen Holdings in March 2011 and is responsible for the Berggruen Holdings' activities in The Netherlands. As a Managing Director of IMS Benelux Holding, and in close cooperation with the New York office, Ton is building up Berggruen's holding platform for the Group's European subsidiaries.

Kabir Kewalramani

Managing Director

Kabir Kewalramani is the Managing Director of Berggruen Holdings India (Berggruen). Kabir serves as a member of the board of Keys Hotels, Accentia Technologies, Car Club, GEAR, United Education Institutes (UEI) and Berggruen Properties.

Samuel Czarny

Managing Director

Mr. Czarny joined Berggruen Holdings in October 2005 to create a long-term diversified real estate portfolio in Germany and other European countries. Prior to joining Berggruen, Mr. Czarny spent two years as the head of acquisitions for Apellas Property Management GmbH, the German platform of George Soros Real Estate Investors.

Eric Hanson

Managing Director

Mr. Hanson joined Berggruen Holdings in May 2000. Mr. Hanson holds a Masters of Arts from Cambridge University and a Masters of Business Administration from INSEAD. He is currently a director of Hoover Treated Wood Products, Global Supply Chain Finance AG, Celloglas Ltd and IMS AG.

Yigal Zemah

Managing Director

Mr. Zemah has represented Berggruen Holdings in Israel since January 2006. He participates in creating a long-term diversified private equity and real estate portfolio in Israel in addition to serving as a director of Berggruen Residential Limited. From 1998 to 2000 he worked at the M&A and Real Estate Department of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP in New York and was involved in major M&A and real estate transactions.