Metal Mining


Metal Mining is an exploration and mining company that was established at the end of 2007. The Company owns 24 licensed mining sites in Turkey which are to be explored and operated dependent on exploration results.

The mines contain Zinc, Lead, Copper, Chrome, and Barite Ore. In addition to mining activities, Metal Mining also trades in these metallic ores and minerals.

The firm has a qualified exploration crew to perform the drilling and geological survey of all projects.


Mehmet Kosematoglu
Managing Director

Berggruen Holdings – Turkey
Teşvikiye Caddesi
Modern Apartmani
No 11/8, 34365
Şişli/Istanbul, Turkey





Bradbury Building
304 S. Broadway #550
Los Angeles,CA 90013

Tel: +1 213 430 2350

Nicolas Berggruen
Chief Executive Officer

Koonal Gandhi
Chief Investment Officer

Justin Topilow
Chief Financial Officer

Samuel Czarny
German Managing Director

Rodolphe Zellitch
France Managing Director

Kabir Kewalramani
India Managing Director