Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd.


Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF) is an innovator in the design, implementation and overall servicing of custom supply chain finance solutions for both receivables and payables portfolios.

Founded in 1991, the firm is a provider of centralized accounts payable and accounts receivable services for large buying groups and large vendors, specializing in high volume, cross border programs to help corporations fund and manage the distribution channel.

GSCF meets this objective by providing liquidity and improving balance sheet management, while having program transparency via a dedicated portal. With the evolution of electronic communication and data processing, GSCF has developed an automated environment enabling the servicing of payables and receivables for large vendors and buyers in collaboration with world leading banking and credit institutions.


Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd.

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Bradbury Building
304 S. Broadway #550
Los Angeles,CA 90013

Tel: +1 213 430 2350

Nicolas Berggruen
Chief Executive Officer

Koonal Gandhi
Chief Investment Officer

Justin Topilow
Chief Financial Officer

Samuel Czarny
German Managing Director

Rodolphe Zellitch
France Managing Director

Kabir Kewalramani
India Managing Director