Bonded Kayit Sistemleri a.s.


Bonded Turkey was founded in December, 2006. The company has offered both physical and digital records storage and management services to Turkish companies since June 2007.

Although records management is a new concept for the Turkish market, the customer portfolio of Bonded Turkey is experiencing significant growth, capturing well-known Turkish companies from different sectors such as insurance, leasing, entertainment, investment banking.


Mehmet Kosematoglu
Managing Director
Berggruen Holdings
Tesvikiye Caddesi no 97/8
Istanbul, Turkey





Bradbury Building
304 S. Broadway #550
Los Angeles,CA 90013

Tel: +1(213)430-2350

Nicolas Berggruen
Chief Executive Officer

Koonal Gandhi
Chief Investment Officer

Justin Topilow
Chief Financial Officer

Samuel Czarny
German Managing Director

Rodolphe Zellitch
France Managing Director

Kabir Kewalramani
India Managing Director