LeYa was established in January 2008 as a holding company incorporating some of the most prestigious Portuguese publishers and two of the most successful African publishers. LeYa publishes fiction, nonfiction and children’s books, being also one of the most important Portuguese textbook and study book publisher.

A leader in the Portuguese, Angolan and Mozambican publishing markets, LeYa has also been publishing in Brazil following a successful start-up operation in September 2009. In this and the other markets where it works, LeYa boasts solid goals of becoming a market-leader, namely due to its role in the Portuguese-speaking world.

The strength of LeYa brands and the quality they produce, combined with ambitious goals and group dynamics, make LeYa solid and cohesive in its overall goals and diverse in its publishing programs.

By integrating publishers and professionals deeply rooted in their respective markets, LeYa is privileged to have extraordinary human capital with solid and diversified know-how in the publishing sector.

Today, LeYa has more than 500 employees, including some of the best and most renowned editors in the Portuguese-speaking world, together with highly experienced and skilled professionals in other key areas such as the production, distribution and marketing of our main product, books.



Koonal Gandhi
Chief Investment Officer

Tel: + 1 213 430 2350